Our Story

This year on 25 July, the nation voted for its new Prime Minister. Imran Khan has promised to make Pakistan prosperous by taking several steps including ending corruption, creating jobs, planting trees etc.

But will the end of only corruption & creating jobs will solve all the other problems of Pakistan too? Are there other things also that we need to focus on? I got the answer when I was travelling to the United States a few weeks ago. From Turkey to Sweden, Denmark to Thailand & even in the United States, I saw the worth of my Green Passport & the impression of Pakistani nationals in the eyes of the world. Somehow, always the first encounter with me was harsh, while after some time, their behaviours automatically changed. It was apparent that they initially considered me a usual Pakistani and when they saw that I was inadequate to fulfil their impression of a typical Pakistani, they immediately became nice.

While it was certainly nice to see that foreign officials often judge you as a person, not as a nation, but it was certainly hurt me to see what notorious impression they have of Pakistanis & how my fellow citizens (including me) are treated abroad. While some over-smart people believe that we should cut relations with such foreign nations, my opinion is that the problem is not with the foreigners, the problem is with us & most importantly our impression in the eyes of the world.

We may have all faults, but certainly, we aren't the worst people on Earth. So why are we imagined so when we go abroad? The old phrase is "Bad person is good, but a person with a bad reputation is bad" But why does it even matter? Because we are not living in the stone age, today the world is a global village. And to make progress, we need to be connected to the world. We need to have good impression because that's what creates good relations, good trade deals and eventually prosperity.

NayaPK a is website dedicated to all the issues that will also need also need to be addressed if we need to our Naya Pakistan to be prosperous & a proud nation in the world. It is a youth forum created on 14 August 2018 by a 15 years old 11th Grade Student. It is mostly going to focus on the internal issues in Pakistan that are responsible for our bad reputation in the global community. It is also going to focus on financial, social & moral problems in our society & suggestions about how can we solve them.

Some people might be questioning that we need to solve an internal problem first, then we can take care of external problems. The fact is both go hand in hand, we can solve both at the same time. In fact, we need to focus on the internal problems only. If we as a nation overcome our internal mess, we will automatically become a good nation globally.

Some people might even consider international reputation the problem of only elite class. No that is not the case. What I have learned is that 11th Grade student travelling on scholarship for University faces similar problems, in fact, our whole nation faces similar problems in the form of visa restrictions to the economic sanctions, increasing prices of household items & increasing poverty. That's why such issues need to be addressed. No one is going to solve our problem, We as a nation need to develop ourselves.

Everyone is welcome to submit his/her articles (or suggestions) at Submit@NayaPK.com . If you have any question, feel free to email at Hello@NayaPK.com